Sanetsch Pass (French: Col du Sanetsch or Col de Sénin) (el. 2252 m.) is a high mountain pass in Switzerland across the western Bernese Alps, connecting Gsteig in the canton of Berne and Sion in the canton of Valais. Although a road leads to the pass from Sion and goes further to the Lac de Sanetsch, it can not be completely traversed by car.

It separates the massif of the Diablerets on the west from the massif of the Wildhorn on the east.

The Col du Sanetsch is a popular destination because of the view over the Pennine Alps and the nearby Tsanfleuron Glacier.

In the summer season the pass is accessible by PostBus and can also be traversed by cable car.

GPS 46.320720, 7.302303

PostBus - according schedule

From June to October.


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