Green Salad 6.50
Mixed Salad 8.50
Barley Soupe (with country cheese) 10.--
Mushroompasty (Chanterelle) 17.--
Salade savièsanne (bacon, cheese, egg) 16.--
Shepherd's menu (potatoes, whey cheese, ramsons) 24.--
Pasta à la Savièsanne 26.--
Sanetsch Menu (potatoes, whey cheese, cheese) 27.--
Valais plate (country cheese, thinly sliced cold cuts) 29.--
Dried valaisan meats plate 29.--
Zanfleuron Menu (whey cheese, cheese, smoked bacon, sausage) 30.--
Boiled Ham 39.--
Porkfilet medaillon with mushrooms and salad 44.--
Vintager Fondue 30.--
Beefsteak with herbs-butter "Café de Paris" 38.--
Cheesetoast 18.--
Cheesetoast and ham 22.--
Cheesetoast with egg and ham 25.--
Fondue 24.--
Fondue à la Savièsanne 26.--
Tomato or Herb Fondue 28.--
Fondue moitié-moitié (half-half) 28.--
Polenta gratin with country cheese 24.--
Raclette on request  
Sorbet William or Abricot 10.--
Homemade cake with whipped cream 8.--
Meringues vanilla icecream and double cream 15.--
Coupe Danemark 11.--
Coupe Sanetsch (Vanille ice, wood strawberry and cream) 13.--
Icecoffee with whipped cream 11.--
Creme brulee with herbsliqueur (Genepi) 12.--
VAT incl - 2016